Why Yogaretiros?

YOGARETIROS was born through a search and a continuous inner growth, far away from capitalist system that gradually sickened us and disconnected us from our deepest essence.

For the third year, YOGARETIROS has the great honor of establishing itself in EL BARRANC D’ALGENDAR, a BENEDICT PARADISE FOR THE MOTHER EARTH, A HEALING SANCTUARY, a true REFUGE for those people who really want to reconnect with their INTERIOR MASTER, and DISCONNECT OF ALL EXTERNAL STIMULUS for a few days.

THE BARRANC D’ALGENDAR is located in the south coast near Cala Galdana. It is considered the largest and richest barranc in Menorca. It is a PROTECTED ZONE and an INCREDIBLE VALUE for the quantity of birds, birds, medicinal plants, trees and natural caves of great historical value. The Barranc has SWEET WATER throughout the year with a natural birth.

The retreats are for all diferent people, with or without previous experience in yoga & meditation, who are interested in a healtly lifestyle in connection with MOTHER NATURE, YOGA, NATURAL FOOD, MEDITATION, SIMPLICITY, RESPECT, GROWTH AND INTERIOR SEARCH .

YOGARETIROS tries to CARE FOR THE MAXIMUM and to offer a SERVICE OF MAXIMUM QUALITY, with SIMPLICITY and GREAT PASSION through its different proposals (ecological foods of local farmer cooked with LOVE, cleanliness, freshness and harmony at home, familiar enviroment…).

YOGA is a PHILOSOPHY LIFE, how you think, how you act, how you talk… Today sadly many people associate yoga with a posture, therefore, YOGARETIROS proposes a complete program trying to experience the maximum experience of immersing yourself in the SIMPLICITY OF LIFE and BE PRESENT HERE AND NOW.




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