Why Menorca Island?


Menorca is paradise, calm, peace and light, Mediterranean Sea, green and turquoise colour, Tramuntana, history, culture, nature, a destination that meets exceptional conditions to immerse yourself in time of tranquility, in tune with nature, in a deep and silent with you same.

Menorca is the eastern Island in the Mediterranean, best conserved and least exploited in the Balearic Islands, which is why today it is a favorite destination for many people who live in harmony with a philosophy of healthy living, conscious and respectful of the planet.

THE UNESCO declared the island of Menorca a Reserve of Biosphere on October 8th 1993. Monuments of great historical and cultural value are gathered in 700 square kilometers, turquoise  beaches of crystalline waters, ancestral traditions, crafts, caves, cliffs , virgin islets, sea beds, unexplored corners, roads and routes that surround the entire Island.

The character of the local people is  simple, humble and  they have a great hearts, hospitable and smiling, excellent treatment for tourists who visit the Island. They are fully in love with their Island and their customs, their luminous white villages, proud of big festivals in summer time, and the majestic horses. Always protecting the Island of crowds and estate business, which sadly affects its neighboring islands.

Menorca guarantees a quality holiday for lovers of a healthy lifestyle, through a healthy lifestyle: yoga, meditation, relaxation, healthy food, walks, etc… 

Come and visit us and you will live a unique experience, a real time to connect with yourself.

Menorca, leaves its mark.

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