In Yoga Retreats, all data is treated confidentially according to the LOPD </ strong>, in the same way the same data that is transmitted via email, are for private use and will not be used commercially, as neither will proceed to the sale of the same to third parties or companies intended for such activities com are advertising

Yoga Retreats , respects the privacy of its clients and / or visitors, as well as any contact that is established at the web level or other means, such as telephone, ensuring an effective and secure the privacy of its users and / or customers

All users have the right as stipulated in the LOPD, to the cancellation, rectification and opposition, regarding the processing of personal data as it is stated in the LOPD – Article 16
Links to the AGPD: (Spanish Association for Data Protection)

1 ) http://www.agpd.es/portalwebAGPD/CanalDelCiudadano/derechos/principales_derchos/cancelacion-ides-idphp.php

2 ) https://www.agpd.es/portalwebAGPD/canalresponsable/obligaciones/atencion_derechos_ciudadanos/derecho_rectificacion_cancelacion/index-ides-idphp.php

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