Nepal Experience 2018


In a few days we come back to Nepal.

We will see what happend, it´s possible to go up to the highest mountain and snowy peaks in Muktinath, the village of Pirti and her family.

Big adventures, new knowledge and many emotions are coming to us. We will keep in touch.

January 16th 2018: After more than 24 hours of travel, 4 airports and 4 different planes (Bcna-Istanbul-Dubai-Kathmandu), I arrived safely, and little tired.

The spectacular view of the Himalayas from the plane filled me with immense emotion.

The final trip took place at the airport in Kathmandu, the forces are already low, and you go and you find big lines to perform visa procedures, once you have finished filling all the data something does not work and you have to repeat everything the process because the machine got caught.

You also find that all the passengers who arrive have to pass through a metal control, where there is only one tape and two people who control it, imagine, it was crazy!!!

Anyway, this is Asia, those of you who have been maybe understand me better, here we are constantly working on patience and acceptance of each situation with a big smile and we learn non-complaint, something that in the West life we tend to sadly incorporate it more and more into our day to day.

I say goodbye from Boudhanat area, where the hotel is, just 5 minutes from one of the most charismatic and energetic places in the city, the Buddhist neighborhood. This morning I went to see this living spectacle of hundreds of people surrounding the big stupa, humming mantras, doing prostrations, counting accounts with the mala. This is a real symbol of peace and devotion that goes deep inside you.

Be happy, dont complaint!

Boudhanath Square


January 22th 2018: We say bye bye to the chaotic and fascinating city of Kathmandu. A place that leaves its mark, perhaps, because of the intense and beautiful experiences we have lived in it, visiting at sunset the oldest Hindu temple in Nepal dedicated to the God Shiva “Pashupathinat” and his crematories on the banks of the Bagmati River, we were fascinated by the ancient kingdom of Patan, just a few kilometers from the city of Kathmandu, a place that falls in love and transports you to another time, and finally, the big and crazy local market New Road a great explosion of colors and movement, and the popular Thamel neighborhood, for me perhaps the most touristy and least charming area of the city.

In a few days if the weather is good and it seems that yes, we begin to go to the highest mountains.


Pashupatinath Temple


Prayers grinders


Marta, Radhika & Nacho Arantegui


February 9th 2018: Almost three weeks in the high peaks of the Himalayas, sharing with Pirti, rest of family and friends days of joy and new experiences that have filled our hearts leaving us an immense mark of gratitude and love for this time.

Pirti and her sister Priya are on school holidays these time, so we could enjoy their company most of the days we spent in Muktinath.

Universe had made me a pleasant surprise, 6 days of retreat in a Buddhist monastery with 5 nuns. An experience of the most austerity, simple and beautiful way.  A time where I could recover physically, due to a big cold that took hold of me and the harsh conditions of the trip, and reconnected with the practice of Yoga & Meditation & Silence. A real gift to spend this time in this place on the planet, full of peace.


Children of the villages


Happy Pirti


Momos party at home

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