Marta Lázaro

I´m the creator of this dream life project. If you believe in Magic, everything is possible…

I was born in Zaragoza, (Spain) 42 years ago. My University of life was traveling, discovering countries, cultures ​​and many beautiful people around the World.

The Yoga crossed my heart in a special moment, from this time we are still connected by differents ways….

When people ask me about yoga, I  share that yoga is much deeper than a posture. It´s a big Philosophy of life; how you are, how you think, how you feel, how you understand the meaning of Life.

I lead yoga retreats from the last 4 years. It´s a huge gift, a time of experiences, enjoyment, sharing, learning, creating, laughing, healing, giving and receiving, meeting wonderful people.

One of my passions is traveling especially India and Nepal, countries where I spend long periods travelling a living differents experiences.  Anothe passión is cooking, the food is pure alchemy, a world full of possibilities. I usually cook at the yoga retreats.

 Yoga Teacher Training

  • Advaita Vedanta “Sesha” Meditation Retreat (2018, 2019) Spain
  • Training Hatha Yoga Atmavikasa Yoga Center (2017) Mysore, India
  • Dharsana Hatha Yoga Integrative School (2015-2016) Zaragoza, Spain
  • Aragonese Yoga School Hatha Yoga Manuel Morata (2010-2014) Zaragoza, Spain
  • Yoga Training Rainbowkids (2014) Madrid, Spain

Chandra Gandharva

Chandra was born in Nepal close to  Pashupatinath Temple, KathmanduHis life like many people in Nepal was not easy.

For many years Chandra worked with tourist from around the World. He showed the Therapeutic Sound of the Tibetan Bowls. He made individual and group session in a store in Boudhanath, Buddist area.  

He trained  at Golden Temple Singing Bowl & Healing Center, Patan.

He met his big love in Nepal.  They got married three years ago. Actually they are parents of a beautiful and sweetie gril. They life in Catalonia, Spain.

2018, 2019  Chandra was playing Singing Bowls in the Yoga Retreat at Minorca Island.

His humility, simplitity and huge heart make it him a very special person.


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