Ecstatic Dance is a global movement for raising consciousness around the World. A sacred and intimate dance floor where you can move with totally love & respect and without any conditions.

Ecstatic Dance encourages  freedom of expresion through dance and movement.

Its a profund  journey into healing, self-acceptance, connection and expansion of consciousness.

It´s our intention to create a community experience that will awaken us to the feeling that We are One, we are together and supoorting each other on this journey.

NTENTION: Feel, fly, flow, create, move, dance, play, smile, dont be shy, dont panic, no fear, true, joy…




We invite to all of you to come with friends, family or alone and to participate in a creative community in the Ecstatic Dance, Consciuous Movement &  Flow Yoga.

The purpose is to activate the inner listening,  awake energy and conscious movement.

WHO IS THE ECSTATIC DANCE FOR?  For any person with or without any experience in dance,  free movement, yoga…  If you feel that the Ecstatic movement is calling you,  please come and explore the different ways of movement  through music, yoga, sefl-knowledge, creativity, amazing people…

INTEGRAL DANCE  is a spycho-body work that stimulates the creative and expresive process of each person for improve healty, physical, emotional way in a kidness environment.

FLOW YOGA Is a conscious movement, combining breath, light movements and sound. Designed to build energy, heat, endurance, flexibility and strength.  We begin the day with a simple meditation practice for 30 minutes.



Humanist psychologist, lover of creativity, natural and wild spirit. Passionate about the human and their potentials. In constantly self-exploration. She uses the body as a teacher, she undertands dance as a metaphorical element with life.  She works as a psychotherapist, Co-Creator of the Ecstatic Dance Zaragoza and she is a dancer therapist during retreats & groups.  & @ecstaticdancezgz



Peacefully yoguini. Yoga Teacher of differents styles of Yoga. Lover of Ecstatic Dance and free movement.  Dreamer. World traveler. Passionate. Friendly. Excellent Vegan Cook. Free spirited team player who trives on meeting new, interesting and quirky people and places around the world. A committedselfy-starter who stirves to make the world a better place. Actually she leads Yoga Retreats in the Nature.

@yogaretiros & Fb:Menorca Yoga



Multidisciplinary profile, trained in dance, music, illustration, graphic design and video editing. Now turning to the investigation of the human body in space,  directing “Ecstatic Dance Zaragoza”. The work combines narratives that show his deep love and great sensitivity for music, dance, life, and human awakening, applying this language to everything he creates; weaving together visual poetry and sound, in a  powerful combination with   movement and light.

Music is one of the most profound and powerful tools for the transformation, elevation and evolution of mankind;  the most powerful weapon to open minds and hearts, the best healer and the best lover”


@ecstaticdancezgz &  Fb:Ecstatic Dance Zaragoza


Friday, March 6:

  • 05:00pm WELCOME
  • 06:30pm Opening
  • 06:45pm WARMUP FLOW YOGA
  • 08:30pm Vegetarian Dinner

 Saturday, March 7: 

  • 07:30am MEDITATION
  • 08:00am FLOW YOGA
  • 09:30am Breakfast
  • 11:00am INTEGRAL DANCE
  • 01:30pm Lunch
  • 08:00pm Dinner

March Sunday 8:

  • 07:30am MEDITATION
  • 08:00am FLOW YOGA
  • 09:00am Breakfast
  • 01:30pm Lunch


“La Casa Toya” is a Retreat Centre located in Aluenda, Zaragoza, Spain.

A beautiful environment surrounded by almond, cherry and pine trees, a big show in the spring time!!! It´s a small and little town without pollution, cars, people, artificial light, noise…

 Has excellent road and rail (AVE) links to Zaragoza, Barcelona, Madrid and the rest of Spain.

The rooms are shared  by 4 people. There is the possibility to get double or single room paying  little extra money, just let us know if you are interested.

La Casa Toya has excellent  and high quality facilities.  The circle wood room has 180 square meters, its an amazing dance floor!!! The people who lead and work are friendly and very professional. The vegetarian food is delicious!!! 


***EARLY BIRD 185€ until 22nd January, after this date 215€***

 To register pay 50€ deposit by Bank Transfer or PayPal giving name and surname. The rest of money will be paid by cash on the first day of the Retreat

  • Transfer Bank to: MARTA LAZARO SANCHEZ + Triodos Bank: ES72 1491 0001 2321 7262 0425 + Concept: Name + Surname
  • PayPal:


  • Comfortable clothes for yoga, dance
  • Small blanket
  • Yoga mat (in case you dont have, just let us know),
  • Funny clothing and accessories (if you feel)
  • Bottle of watter
  • Cup or glass
  • Dry fruits, chocolate


  • All activities
  • All vegetarian meals


  • Travel expenses
  • Individual expenses (little cafe and shop)

Arrival by car or train (AVE):  

  • AVE (High-speed train): Madrid/Calatayud 2 hours (50€) + Barcelona/Calatayud 2.5 hours (60€). From Calatayud town direct taxi to La Casa Toya around 20€.

If you want to share a car, just let us know, from wich place you coming and we check and organice.

BIG THANKS for reading and sharing. Any kind of suggestion, le tus know, we really appreciate it!!!

We hope to see you there!!!


 Marta Lázaro: Whatssap + 34 655 26 31 21 (English Speaking)


Solidarity Nepal Project 2020-2019-2018-2017-2016

In March of 2015 I went to Nepal for the first time, I thought  spent some weeks to visit the country, finally  I was 90 days. I spent the most of the time on the highest mountains in the world, specifically in Muktinath 3.800 altitude meters, a small town where many tourists who trekking the Annapurnas and also many Hindu pilgrims who come to venerate his deity Vishnu in the temple, visited in this place.

I was leaving at Dream Home Hotel where I met a local family who run the hotel with Maytreya, a Ukrainian man who rents this hotel.

There was a big mix of cultures and I was there,  a girl from Zaragoza who every day that passed was falling more and more in Love with the country, with the local  people and with the princess of the house, Pirti, the younger daughter of Palchom & Hanuman.

The Nepalese couple who helped in the hotel in exchange for accommodation, food and a small salary and the connection with Pirti, her parents and  Maytreya grew older. I was not a  simple tourist who decided to stay on the highest peaks in the world for a while to have the experience of this life. There were many experiences and learnings that I took with me for the resto of my life.

In Nepal most of the children who live in the mountains go to boarding schools from a very young age, becase the schools are long distances from their homes. The mother of Pirti told me that they could not to pay the school for  Pirti. Immediately I got to work and in less than a week I got 900€ through a campaign in social networks in a difficult weather conditions!!!

It was really exciting to receive such support from many people.

At the beginning of 2017 we sent a second time 900 € to pay the school again.

Last April I came back to Muktinath Dream Home Hotel and I spent 3 weeks living with them and also with Pirti, the princess of the house.

Again my heart was filled with great experiences and I was treated as one more member of the family.

Big Thanks to all the people who contributed with your little bit of sand in this project.

At the beginning of 2018 we sent for the second time 900 € to pay the school.

At the beginning of 2019 we sent 900 € to pay the school.

At the beinning of 2020 we will sent 900 € to pay the school again.


Private Yoga Classes in Menorca

PRIVATE YOGA CLASSES IN MENORCA. As fun and energetically powerful as group classes are, a private yoga class.

INFO: + 34 655 26 31 21

Private Yoga Retreat

Private Yoga Retreat 1-on-1 Attention of an intimate experience, work with a private yoga instructor to guide you and develop a personal practice. Together you will increase your strength, health, stability and comfort on your life’s path.

Through daily classes of Hatha Yoga Flow, healthy organic food, baths in the Mediterranean Sea, meditations by Nature.

Es Barranc d´Algendar is a small paradise where you will find a time of Peace of Heaven, harmony, healing, silence, starry nights, bird tunes…

A place for sure that you will transport to a real Eden.

Om Shanti

Making a recipe is an act of love

I offer services in the kitchen to yoga and meditation groups, families and friends, who really like to take care of themselves with a healthy vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, sugar-free diet, without preservatives, dyes and additives.

The experience of life in the kitchen with some culinary notions, allow me to offer simple recipes today through a healthy and natural diet, using mostly local and seasonal organic products, along with the most important ingredients, Awareness and Love.

Creative salads, healthy breakfasts, vegetable pates, fresh juices, smoothies, creams and soups for winter and summer, whole grains and pasta, legumes, vegetable proteins (tofu, seitan, temphe) and natural desserts.

Thanks to great culinary alchemists who have transmitted their great passion in the kitchen along with a healthy lifestyle, nowadays I consider that feeding in a natural way respecting the rhythms of nature and its cycles, can be the best medicine for the Self healing through certain foods.

I am open to proposals, to share recipes and even to receive you at home and experience the experience of nourishing souls through natural food.

Thanks for your time!!!

Reviews 2018

Difficult to express with words the infinite gratitude after a Yoga Retreat in The Barranc d’Algendar, Menorca Island. 

Exceptional days, new beings that have left a great imprint on the heart, and greats learnings

Big thanks to each person who have been part of this magical time-share and give me the strength and energy to follow the path of the heart.

Param Shanti

Nepal Experience 2018

In a few days we come back to Nepal.

We will see what happend, it´s possible to go up to the highest mountain and snowy peaks in Muktinath, the village of Pirti and her family.

Big adventures, new knowledge and many emotions are coming to us. We will keep in touch.

January 16th 2018: After more than 24 hours of travel, 4 airports and 4 different planes (Bcna-Istanbul-Dubai-Kathmandu), I arrived safely, and little tired.

The spectacular view of the Himalayas from the plane filled me with immense emotion.

The final trip took place at the airport in Kathmandu, the forces are already low, and you go and you find big lines to perform visa procedures, once you have finished filling all the data something does not work and you have to repeat everything the process because the machine got caught.

You also find that all the passengers who arrive have to pass through a metal control, where there is only one tape and two people who control it, imagine, it was crazy!!!

Anyway, this is Asia, those of you who have been maybe understand me better, here we are constantly working on patience and acceptance of each situation with a big smile and we learn non-complaint, something that in the West life we tend to sadly incorporate it more and more into our day to day.

I say goodbye from Boudhanat area, where the hotel is, just 5 minutes from one of the most charismatic and energetic places in the city, the Buddhist neighborhood. This morning I went to see this living spectacle of hundreds of people surrounding the big stupa, humming mantras, doing prostrations, counting accounts with the mala. This is a real symbol of peace and devotion that goes deep inside you.

Be happy, dont complaint!

Boudhanath Square


January 22th 2018: We say bye bye to the chaotic and fascinating city of Kathmandu. A place that leaves its mark, perhaps, because of the intense and beautiful experiences we have lived in it, visiting at sunset the oldest Hindu temple in Nepal dedicated to the God Shiva “Pashupathinat” and his crematories on the banks of the Bagmati River, we were fascinated by the ancient kingdom of Patan, just a few kilometers from the city of Kathmandu, a place that falls in love and transports you to another time, and finally, the big and crazy local market New Road a great explosion of colors and movement, and the popular Thamel neighborhood, for me perhaps the most touristy and least charming area of the city.

In a few days if the weather is good and it seems that yes, we begin to go to the highest mountains.


Pashupatinath Temple


Prayers grinders


Marta, Radhika & Nacho Arantegui


February 9th 2018: Almost three weeks in the high peaks of the Himalayas, sharing with Pirti, rest of family and friends days of joy and new experiences that have filled our hearts leaving us an immense mark of gratitude and love for this time.

Pirti and her sister Priya are on school holidays these time, so we could enjoy their company most of the days we spent in Muktinath.

Universe had made me a pleasant surprise, 6 days of retreat in a Buddhist monastery with 5 nuns. An experience of the most austerity, simple and beautiful way.  A time where I could recover physically, due to a big cold that took hold of me and the harsh conditions of the trip, and reconnected with the practice of Yoga & Meditation & Silence. A real gift to spend this time in this place on the planet, full of peace.


Children of the villages


Happy Pirti


Momos party at home

Sailing & Yoga Retreat in Minorca Island 2017

For 7 days and 6 nights we sailed 8 people aboard the beautiful sailing ship Nagual,, discovering the most beautiful and spectacular spots of the Minorca Island.

Daily classes of Hatha Yoga in the most beautiful beaches with few people, vegetarian food from organic farming, dreamy sunsets and starry nights, all in a family environment, healthy and calm.