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YOGARETIROS offers a Individual Yoga Retreat in the slowest Balearic Islands, Minorca. Through daily classes of Hatha Yoga Flow, healthy food, trips to the Mediterranean Sea, meditations by Nature, people looking for a real connection, inspiration and privacy in one of the most amazing places, Es Barranc d’Algendart. A small paradise where you will find […]

Why Yogaretiros?

YOGARETIROS was born through a search and a continuous inner growth, far away from capitalist system that gradually sickened us and disconnected us from our deepest essence. For the third year, YOGARETIROS has the great honor of establishing itself in EL BARRANC D’ALGENDAR, a BENEDICT PARADISE FOR THE MOTHER EARTH, A HEALING SANCTUARY, a true […]

Why Menorca ?

Menorca is paradise, calm, peace and light, Mediterranean Sea, green and turquoise colour, Tramuntana, history, culture, nature, a destination that meets exceptional conditions to immerse yourself in time of tranquility, in tune with nature, in a deep and silent with you same. Menorca is the eastern Island in the Mediterranean, best conserved and least exploited […]

Making a recipe is an act of love

I offer services in the kitchen to yoga and meditation groups, families and friends, who really like to take care of themselves with a healthy vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten-free, sugar-free diet, without preservatives, dyes and additives. The experience of life in the kitchen with some culinary notions, allow me to offer simple recipes today through […]

Reviews 2018

Difficult to express with words the infinite gratitude after a Yoga Retreat in The Barranc d’Algendar, Menorca Island.  Exceptional days, new beings that have left a great imprint on the heart, and greats learnings Big thanks to each person who have been part of this magical time-share and give me the strength and energy to follow […]

Nepal Experience 2018

In a few days we come back to Nepal. We will see what happend, it´s possible to go up to the highest mountain and snowy peaks in Muktinath, the village of Pirti and her family. Big adventures, new knowledge and many emotions are coming to us. We will keep in touch. January 16th 2018: After […]

Sailing & Yoga Retreat in Minorca Island 2017

For 7 days and 6 nights we sailed 8 people aboard the beautiful sailing ship Nagual, www.veleronagual.es, discovering the most beautiful and spectacular spots of the Minorca Island. Daily classes of Hatha Yoga in the most beautiful beaches with few people, vegetarian food from organic farming, dreamy sunsets and starry nights, all in a family […]

Solidarity Nepal Project 2016-17-18-19

At the end of March of 2016 I decided to fly to Nepal for the first time and spend some weeks to visit the country. Finally  the stay was extended to 90 days. I spent the most of the time on the highest peaks in the world, specifically in Muktinath, a small town for many […]